aWren is always interested in what I’m making. The other day, she was looking at some samples of coil work that I had made for a tutorial and started swishing one of them about, like a ribbon twirler.

We both decided that it would be fun to make one with proper ribbons and it’s such a simple, fun craft project, that I thought we would share it with you.

You could make this for your little one, make a whole batch as party favours, or it could be a fun project for a child to make themselves. Littles ones will need to do it by your side, to remind them where to put the needle, but older children will manage it fine by themselves.

All that you need to make a ribbon twirler, is 5 x 2metre lengths of ribbon and some yarn. I have worked this one in a single colour, but you could use yarn scraps and use as many colours as you like.

You will also need a tapestry needle.

Begin by folding each of the 2m lengths of ribbon in half. Then begin to wrap a length of yarn around the ribbons, starting about 2 inches from the folded ends. Wrap towards the folds for about 1 inch. 

Next, bend the wrapped section around to form a loop and continue by wrapping the yarn around both sections of ribbon together. Wrap tightly.

When you have worked about 1cm, begin to coil the wrapped section around the loop and pass the needle through the centre, making a stitch.

Carrying on wrapping 3-4 times and then making a stitch through the loop, until you have gone all the way around the loop.

Once you have completed your first coil around the loop, you will carry on in the same way – wrapping a few times and then making a stitch. From now on, your stitches will pass between the row that you are working and the previous row.

You will need to start new lengths of yarn as you begin to run out.

When you only have about an 1 1/2 inches of wrapping yarn left, start a new length as shown in the images below.

First place the end of the new length with the ribbon core, about 1 1/2 inch should be fine to make it secure.

Next, wrap the old length around the core and the new piece of yarn, a couple of times.

Placing the remaining end of the old piece of yarn with the ribbon core, now start wrapping with the new piece.

In this way, the new length wraps over the end of the old piece, keeping everything in place.

Continue working in this way, until it is the right size to fit nicely in the child’s palm.

To finish working, pass the needle back through the last 1-2cm of wrapped coil, to secure in place.

Trim the end of the yarn, close to the coil, so that no ends are showing.

You ribbon twirler is complete!

I told you it was simple. I hope that you enjoy making them. I think they make a nice introduction to coil basketry.