This woven easter placemat tutorial, is a great way to introduce kids to weaving and all that you need to do it, is some coloured paper, scissors, ruler, pencil and glue stick.

If you haven’t got any paper the same size as ours, don’t be put off. The measurements are only a guide. Once you have the pattern figured out, you can really scale it up or down to any size. It would even work well on the front of a greetings card.

You will need: Colour A 1 piece of paper measuring 30cm x 24cm

                                  1 strip of paper measuring 1.5cm x 24cm

                     Colour B 12 strips of paper measuring 1cm x 26cm

                     Colour C 12 strips of paper measuring 1cm x 26cm

                     Scissors, 30cm ruler, glue stick, pencil.

Begin by measuring in 1.5cm, from one of the short sides of your large piece of paper. Draw a line across the paper at that point.

Then mark 1cm intervals across that line and mark 1cm intervals across the opposite side of the paper as well. Line up your ruler with the two marks and draw in your lines (as shown below).


Now, cut along each of those lines, so that you have a long fringe, joined at one end by the 1.5cm edge. Turn the whole thing over, so that you don’t see any pencil marks.

You can then begin weaving with your Colour B strips. I find that it is easier to work from top to bottom when weaving, so turn your sheet of paper around so that the joined edge is along the top.

Row 1 (working form right to left), weave over two – under two across the whole width of the sheet.

Leave 1cm sticking out at either end.


Row 2 weave over one to begin and then continue with, under two – over two across the width        (you will finish this row with an over one).

Every time that you work a new row (the weft), take the time to make sure that it is nudged up nice and close, to the previous row. As you get further down, you may also need to straighten out the fringe strips (the warp). I have left them loose at one end for this project, because being able to lift them up as you weave under and over, makes it much easier.

Row 3 weave under two – over two across the width.


Rows 4-6 Repeat the first three rows. Now you will have worked 6 rows in Colour B.

Repeat the same pattern for 6 rows with Colour C.


You will need to repeat the pattern of six rows, once more with each colour.

Now, cover the back of your 1.5 x 24cm strip with glue stick and attach it to the bottom edge of the weaving. Make sure that it is nice and close to the last row.

There will be some extra fringe to trim off along the bottom.


All that you need to do now, is to turn it over and fold the weft strip ends to the back, gluing in place. The first strip in each section of pattern, will already be at the back, so glue to the last warp strip and trim off the excess.

That’s it! Your Easter placemat is finished. You can play around with this pattern, to make lots of different designs.

It’s a great way to start weaving, because it’s so accessible to everyone and it will really brighten up your Easter table. Have fun and have a lovely spring celebration!