Whale Beach 2


Roundel of sea-smoothed brick, in Phormium Tenax cocoon basket.



We have favourite beaches for different things. Beaches that are great for just walking and blowing away the cobwebs, beaches that are best when we're in the mood to look for creatures, beaches for sea pottery, beaches for shells. One beach that we love, just because there is always something interesting to find, is Whale Beach.

It's not its real name, but it is what we call it and often when I ask my kids where they want to go walking, Whale Beach is first choice. I particularly enjoy the rich variety of textures on this walk. There are an amazing variety of rocks, many of them absolutely stunning. These I keep a photographic record of, but leave behind.

There are also many types of discarded building materials, worn into pebbles by the motion of the waves and some of these come home with me.

Whale Beach 2, is a roundel of brick, smoothed by the motion of the waves. I have worked a Phormium Tenax cocoon basket around the middle portion of the brick, leaving the top and bottom exposed.

Size : Approx 7 x 7.5 x 3.5cm