Vintage Wallpaper Craft Pack


vintage wallpaper craft packs. 11 A4 size pieces and 4 small pieces


We recently bought an old derelict farmhouse and barns and aim to bring it back to life over the coming years. Whilst clearing the many belongings which had been left in the house, while it sat empty for the past couple of decades, we found a big bundle of vintage wallpapers. The house had clearly been loved very much and the papers are a wonderful record of several decades of its life.

We are keeping some of each paper, but I am making the rest into packs of papers to be used for craft projects. In this way, the house can help us, to help bring it back to life and go on to be a much loved home once again.

Each pack contains 11 A4 size sheets of mixed vintage papers (as shown in the images) and four small pieces of mixed papers. Many have metallic details. these papers are very old and there may be slight creasing in places, but all are still in very good condition.