Toadstool Nature Walk Bag (Little Kids)


An autumnal hand-stitched design on this one of a kind nature walk.

The perfect place for little adventurers to store their treasures while they are out and about.

I have made this bag with a shorter strap, so that is perfect for younger children.

Surface wash only.

Made with 100% cotton fabric and 100% wool felt

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Nature walks have always been a big part of my children's lives and so that I didn't have to fish stones, feathers, leaves and shells out of their pockets, I always made them little bags.

These Nature Walk bags are a cross body design, so that they can have their hands free while they are exploring. With a simple button fastening at the top, they are big enough to hold lots of lovely treasures, but nice and light so that they don't fed up carrying them.

With Autumn fast approaching, we are already seeing fungi of all kinds up here in the Orkney Islands. This little bag has contrasting fabrics front and back and a beautiful blue lining. I hand-stitch the design and then run up the bag itself on my sewing machine, for nice strong seams.

I only use my designs once or twice as I like to keep my work fresh. I use different fabrics, so that each bag is as unique as the children who will use them.

My Little Kids Toadstool bag has a shorter strap, for a younger child. As all children grow at different speeds measure your child first from hip to across the shoulder and down the other side, so that you can see how the bag will sit.

Dimensions Depth of bag  17cm          Length of strap  91cm

Surface wash only.

Made with 100% cotton fabric and 100% wool felt.