T-shirt and Twine Basket


A simple bowl basket made from outgrown organic tshirts and baler twine.

Size: diameter at rim 17.5cm, height 5.5cm

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I am beginning a project to explore found and reused materials in my basketry and related crafts. I hope to share ideas to make the most of what we have to hand and find new value in things that would otherwise go to waste.

This basket has been made from strips of two organic cotton tshirts, that have served our family well for years, but no longer fit anyone. I have used plastic baler twine for the core material. I have found huge amounts of this twine in the outbuildings of our home, left here from its days as a working farm.

The resulting basket is incredibly strong and tight as a drum.

Size: diameter at rim 17.5cm, height 5.5cm