Spring Candy-stripe Basket


A decorative basket, handwoven with honeysuckle vine and yellow candy-stripe raffia cordage.

size ; 24cm x 27cm x 8cm

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The shape of this springtime basket has been carefully sculpted using honeysuckle vines. Gathered from our garden last autumn, the vines were boiled to remove their bark and reveal their smooth, pale beauty.

I hand-dyed raffia with dandelion flowers and leaves, to create a vibrant yellow and then twisted it into cordage with some natural raffia, to create this candy-stripe effect. It was then woven through the honeysuckle vines, to finish this lovely decorative basket.

At a slender 8cm wide, this basket is a showpiece and would be a perfect addition to contemporary and nature inspired room decor.

Size ; 24cm x 27cm x 8cm