New Zealand Flax, Cordage Basket


A coiled basket made with retted New Zealand flax cordage, stitched with naturally dyed raffia.

Size : 12cm diameter at rim, 3cm depth.

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A simple coiled basket, with a loop so that it can be hung.

It is made from New Zealand flax, which was first retted, then stripped down to fibres which were carefully washed by hand. The individual fibres were twisted together to form cordage, which I then coiled into this basket.

I am on a journey, to discover different ways of working with the plants that grow on our land. To create sustainable crafts and artworks, that are respectful of the natural world.

The wild landscapes of the Orkney Islands are a constant inspiration for my work and to me this little basket breathes this beautiful part of the world.

Size : 12cm diameter at rim, 3cm depth