Little Slipper


Decorative Basketry Shoe made with Phormium Tenax Fibre and Daffodil leaves.

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When we first moved to our home last year, we discovered a little, wooden childs shoe last, in one of our outbuildings. I fell in love with its sweet simplicity and it has sat on my worktable ever since. I made a twined shoe with garden plants last summer, using the last as a mould, but I felt that it was time to make another using two of my favourites - Phormium Tenax fibres and Daffodil.

I worked a plaited daffodil sole using the last as mould and added a phormium coiled upper. It took a while to decide how best to complete the shoe, but I finally settled on a tiny tellin shell, collected from the shoreline at Barrier three. It is the perfect match to the delicate beauty of the phormium and daffodil fibres and the sweetness of the original shoe last.

It is a single, decorative shoe and not intended to be worn.

Size : 12.5 x 5.5 x 4