Little Nest Basket


Small cordage basket, made from phormium tenax fibres and sphagnum moss.

8.5cm at border, 12cm at widest point, 8cm height


Our outbuildings are filled with nests, past and present, of all shapes and sizes.

Birds are truly nature’s basketmakers and their work is so inspiring, with each bird using the materials it finds locally to create their little homes.

This basket has also been made from natural materials which were growing locally, sphagnum moss which is growing in a thick carpet, in one of our roofless outbuildings and old, partially retted phormium tenax, found growing near the beach.

The phormium tenax was stripped with a wire brush, before soaking in water overnight. It was then stripped and cleaned thoroughly by hand. The moss was left in an open container after gathering and then put into the freezer for a couple of days, before drying out and being made into cordage.

This little basket is gently rounded and a pleasure to hold.

Size : 8.5cm at border, 12cm at widest point, 8cm height