Joy – Plant-Dyed Linen Basket


Plant-dyed linen yarn basket.

Size: Diameter at rim 20cm, height 2.5cm

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I have been so much more aware of the passing of the seasons, since living in the Orkney Islands.

As spring really begins to get going, almost as early summer arrives, the difference in light, sounds and scents can clearly be felt. Perhaps this year, more than any other, I am so grateful for the arrival of the wonder that late spring brings with it. A lightening of the soul, a brightening of the mind, a remembrance of how magical the natural world is.

The flora and fauna of these beautiful islands bursting into life and time spent with my family, enjoying these gifts, bring moments of joy.

This little basket, made with plant-dyed linen yarn and with a core of natural twisted linen, is a reaction to those wonderful feelings that come with long hours of sunshine, spent outdoors.


Size: Diameter at rim 20cm, height 2.5cm