Cep Mushroom Basket


Cep Mushroom Basket.

Made with un-dyed raffia and raffia hand-dyed with willow and fern.

Size ; Overall height. 15cm.      Height without lid. 13cm.   diameter at base 9.5cm.   diameter at rim 5.5cm.   diameter of lid at rim 8cm

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This little basket is inspired by the chunky stalks and comparatively tiny tops of cep mushrooms.

The mushroom cap can be removed like a lid and both parts can then also be used separately, if wished. It has been worked with raffia that I hand-dyed with willow leaf and fern fronds.

Since moving to the Orkney Islands, the natural world has become a big part of my life and an inspiration for my work. I am constantly looking for new ways to use the plants around me for crafts and to deepen the connection between making and nature.

Size : Overall height. 15cm.        Height without lid  13cm      diameter at base  9.5cm.     diameter at rim.  5.5cm.    diameter of lid at rim  8cm