By The Sea – Loose Pocket


Loose Pocket made form vintage linen tea-towels.

Size : 25 x 19cm.  length of strap 3.9m


When we bought our derelict farmhouse it was still filled with belongings from a time when it was loved.

Amongst the many treasures that we discovered, was a Lloyd Loom Ottoman, carefully wrapped. When we opened it, we found that it was full of vintage fabrics, collected by the couple who lived there for so many years. Remnants of dressmaking fabrics, cushion covers, a collection of decorative tea-towels, curtains etc. A fascinating insight to our houses history and a joy for me, as I love fabrics and anything old.

This loose pocket has been made from two vintage linen tea-towels that were found in the ottoman - a promotional tea-towel for Montrose Tea and a patterned white. I decided to use part of a vintage hand towel rather than using interfacing, so the only modern materials are the cotton threads, used to sew it together.

The strap is long enough to wrap 2-3 times around your waist, depending on how you wish to wear it.

size : 25 x 19cm   length of strap 3.9m