Archipelago – Burray


Limpet in Phormium Tenax cocoon basket.

Size : approx



I have been working with limpets for the past year and the more that I work with them, the more I love them!

Archipelago is a series of limpet shells, which I have cocooned in Phormium Tenax fibre baskets. Although they are being sold individually they have each been chosen because of the way that they interact with the others. I have often swapped out shells, in favour of another which felt a part of the group. As the series has grown on my worktable it has very like my own miniature archipelago and just like the Orkney Islands, each one has its own distinct character.

'Burray' is a beautiful limpet shell cocooned in locally gathered Phormium Tenax, which I strip by hand.

Size : 5 x 4.5 x 3cm