A Moment to Breathe (3)


A ceramic fragment with blue glaze, in a Phormium Tenax Cocoon Basket.



I strive to have a simpler life, but summer is always busy, especially with five children still at home. Suddenly, everything seems to need doing at once and I have come to realise the importance of a few restorative minutes, in each day. Time to take a breath and just be.

Gathering some grasses; holding a smooth stone while I look out at the waves; collecting a few treasures in my pocket; carefully selecting the best fibres and wrapping them around my fingers, to pop them in my soaking bowl - all of these things offer a moment to breathe to a mind and body that forgot how to be still, a long time ago.

'A moment to Breathe' is a series of three found objects (sold separately), each in a cocoon basket, which I hope, all offer a restful moment.

'A Moment to Breathe (3)' is a large fragment of ceramic with a pale blue glaze on one side. It has been smoothed into a rounded triangle, by the motion of the waves. I have cocooned it in a basket made from Phormium Tenax, which I gather locally and then strip by hand.

Size : Approx. 7.5 x 8 x 2cm