About Me

Hi, I’m Jane, busy mum to five beautiful children, homeschooler and a maker with a passion for natural fibres and traditional crafts.
In 1999 (when I was a carefree 20yr old!) I met my husband and best friend, Matt. A year later we got married. That’s when my life really started.
Since then, we’ve bought five fantastic little people into this world and they bring us joy and inspiration every day.
Because we homeschool, I spend most of my time with our kids. It’s non-stop all the time and my work gets fitted in around them.
I spent most of my adult life living in Cornwall, but we realised that we would never be able to afford to live the way that we wanted to there. So in September 2019, we took the leap, sold our house (and a great deal of our belongings) and relocated to the Orkney Islands.
It’s an amazing place, with huge open spaces and dramatic landscapes. It has given us a connection to the natural world around us that has been a breath of fresh air. One that was very much needed. 

Our new life is a work in progress. We want to live simply, being as self-sufficient as possible, living and working together and inspiring our children to follow their dreams. We have so much to do to get things up and running the way that we want them. A derelict house to renovate, a garden to transform, workshops to renovate. The list goes on and on…………but we want to enjoy the journey as much as the end result. 

Behind all of this, our family shares a passion for making. Making a home, making the things that we need, making things for others.
I have always loved to work with fibre. This used to just be fabric and yarns, but since moving up to the Orkney Islands I have felt inspired to work with the beautiful array of plants on our land. This had led me on a journey to discover different forms of basketmaking, gathering, drying and preparing my plants to create my own fibres. It doesn’t stop there, I am starting to explore natural dyeing, botanical ecoprints and traditional harvest crafts. It is a wonderful feeling, to know that the materials that you are working with have been sustainably and ethically produced, because you have processed them yourself. 
I want to continue to find out about how I can use the plants just outside my door and share all of that wonder with others. It makes arts and crafts accessible to everyone, because there are so many beautiful things that you can make without having to buy expensive craft materials. Perhaps even more importantly it offers a connection to natural world around you, that is so often missing in modern life. It is a connection that is both enriching and refreshing.
Our children enjoy making things as much as we do and we think it’s important to give them the skills, to make and grow whatever they need. I think that resourcefulness is the greatest gift that we can give them. We learn so much from watching them and from finding new ways to help them.
You can find my blog here. It follows our life in the Orkney Islands, our quest for a simple life and my own journey as a maker. You will also find my shop, where you can buy my baskets and my gallery, where you can see all of my baskets, that have found homes around the world.
If you’re interested in learning more about basketry and natural crafts, you can find links to my Patreon page, where I post tutorial videos, as well as videos of the beautiful islands and their flora and fauna. So if you love making, spending time with your family or just love wild places, take a look around and follow our journey.