We took a walk to Sacquoy Head, Rousay at the weekend, to celebrate our oldest daughter’s birthday. Some spring warmth and sunshine returned to us, just in time and the stunning scenery made it a birthday to remember.

We haven’t rushed to explore every inch of Rousay, since moving to our island home. Instead, we have taken our time and saved some adventures for when we really need a change of scene. This weekend felt like one of those occasions and this walk was definitely worth the wait!

We started our adventure from Nousty Sand and set off along the road, to find a turning onto the coastal path. The verges on the island are beginning to get full with wild plants once again and here and there huge drifts of bright red poppies are coming into bloom.



We were glad to have very clear step by step instructions from walkhighlands.co.uk as we left the road behind us and set off across farmland. A lot of this small island, is given over to farmland and throughout May and June, the loud and varied mix of bird calls are joined, by hundreds of bleating lambs.

Once through the farm buildings and fields of sheep though, we felt like we had left the rest of the world behind, as we had the huge, blue expanse of the sea in front of us and wide open spaces all around.


We settled down to watch the fulmers and skuas flying in and out of the rocks and the seals splashing in the clear waters below us, while we enjoyed Arwen’s birthday picnic.

With tummies nicely full, we set off again on our adventure – just a few miles from home.

If you’re visiting Rousay, you must walk this stretch of coastline. It really feels as if the views get increasingly breathtaking around every turn. Tiny wildflowers are just starting to bloom in huge numbers amongst the grasses and after a very dry month, the ground was firm underfoot, making the walking easy.



We even discovered a small lake, a short distance from the cliffs, which had been warmed by the sunny day and was perfect for cooling our hot feet. While the girls and I sat and dabbled our toes, chatting in the sunshine, Matt and Orin decided to see what was just around the corner.

They were soon back with shouts of,

“You’ve got to come and see this!”

We leapt up, abandoning boots and bags and ran across the grass to find a huge opening in the rocky cliffs, which plunged down to reveal the arches with the waves crashing through them.

I could have quite happily set up house right there, just so that I could see that magnificent view everyday!

In the distance we could see another arch, sticking out into the sea, but with young tired legs to think of and a sea fog rolling in over the horizon, we decided that it was time to head back.

We will definitely be returning to this beautiful spot, to explore some more. We all love wave watching and it is the perfect place for admiring the awesome power and beauty of the sea.

It made the day truly special and as I am sure that it won’t be long before Arwen leaves our nest to find one of her own, it is so important to make the most of these times spent together.