Wren is suddenly full of ideas for imaginary play. I decided that it was time to make her a fairy wand, as being a fairy is one of her favourite games at the moment and she has just been using mossy twigs and long grasses. Both of these make great wands, but they don’t last long in energetic toddler play and she gets upset every time that she breaks one.

So she needed a sturdy wand and she needed one quickly. Luckily we have a lot of trees in our back garden, quite a rare thing in Orkney, so I went in search of the perfect wand with Wren by my side. We selected a nice straight section of willow branch, making sure that it was strong enough for her play.

We headed back inside to make it look a bit more magical.

Wren was helping me with this make, so I kept it nice and simple. She helped me to choose some scraps of felt to make a star for the top of the wand. We found some lovely remnants of 4mm thick handmade felt that I bought years ago. It was perfect for the job.

I cut out two identical stars with a rectangle between the two bottom points – wide enough to fit over the end of the wand. There wasn’t time for templates or planning because I didn’t want her to get bored, while I fussed about making it perfect. So I just cut it freehand and quickly stitched the two pieces together using a whip stitch. Wren pretended to read to me while I was stitching, she has memorised most of her books.

With the sewing done, she helped to push the star onto the wand. Now some scraps of ribbon were all that we needed to finish the job. I have a big bag of ribbons, collected over the years and Wren had a lovely time selecting some that she liked.

We tied them around the base of the star and we were done! It couldn’t have been easier and Wren had something new to play with that didn’t cost us anything.

Lark liked Wren’s new wand so much that she wanted to make one for herself, so I took her out into the garden after the little one had gone to bed, to select her wand.

With the stick cut, I told her what she needed to do and she sat with me while I worked on a bag, quietly stitching away at her star. She had it finished before bedtime and was just as pleased as her baby sister. I love it when something that I have made inspires my kids to have a go for themselves, it’s the best feeling!

So now we have two little garden fairies. Do have a go for yourself, these would make great birthday gifts or stocking fillers, or even party favours.